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The new normal

With DIVO, digital voting becomes everyday practice for shareholders in general meetings and for the management in board and management meetings.

Social distancing caused by COVID-19 and "low-touch economy" pose immense challenges for managers and board members of companies. DIVO is now the first comprehensive solution for secure digital voting without physical presence.

The meeting and videoconferencing tools commonly used in business today are not secure enough to meet the strict identification and authorization requirements. One of the things DIVO ensures is that there can be no unauthorized participation. Executives and shareholders can vote online in compliance with legal requirements.

Decisions, polls and elections in distributed environments

Remote resolutions and votings

Fully decentralized or as an add-on to physical meetings

Video communication, participant verification, protocols, real-time results, document import/export

Customizable planning templates

Agenda, proposals, meeting points, additional information

Different meeting types, schedules, contents, functions and access rights

Types of elections and votes

Meetings, Candidacy, Elections

Choice of the required voting majority, e.g. absolute majority or simple ⅔ majority

Task Management

Delegate tasks directly out of a meeting

Assign comments, notes, documents for further editing. Track editing processes and reassignement


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