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Digital Voting and Elections

DIVO can be used for all types of public elections. Voting rights are checked and authorized by the software of core-chain. 

Ballot papers are provided with QR codes to access the digital voting platform and are sent electronically in advance of the corresponding votes. 

The identification of persons is done either by the social security number or a recognized ID document. The verification is done by biometric face recognition.

Voters can cast their votes or ballots anonymously or personalized, depending on the requirements of the voting process.
Due to the integrated blockchain technology, forgery-proof voting and the exclusion of election fraud can be guaranteed.


Ballot papers

Electronically generated ballot papers

Each ballot is assigned to a voter and anonymously registered on the Blockchain (identified by identity document or social security number)


Electronically and/or paper-based

The dispatch of the ballot papers can be done by different channels (e.g. mail, e-mail, SMS, in-app)


Verify and authenticate

The QR code allows access to the portal for electronic voting. After registration using an ID card or social security number, authentication is done by the integrated biometric face recognition. After that, the legally valid vote can be made.


No double votes

Every single voting result is cryptographically anonymized, checked for authorization and possible duplicates. If the vote is valid, the result is written to the block chain.

Real time

Trends and results

All votes can be called up at any time as a trend or final result and displayed graphically.


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