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Dezentralized decision-making

in AGM, BoD / GM and Team meetings

Shareholders normally vote in person at the General Assembly. Board and management meetings are usually held in physical presence.The Corona crisis has shown that new approaches are needed. 

With the digital voting platform "DIVO", the organization, participation, decision-making and documentation of events is possible anytime and anywhere online via smartphone, tablet or computer. DIVO guarantees legal conformity, meets highest security standards and is audited according to ISAE 3000 standard.

BDO, as a cooperation and distribution partner, will be happy to support you with its proven consulting and fiduciary services if required.

Digital Voting

Executives and board members can now host safe and secure meetings that meet strict legal requirements with Digital Voting (DIVO) from core-chain.

  • Auditable votings and digital shareholder registry
  • Facial recognition and biometric identification of partizipants
  • Integrated video communication platform
  • Dashboard with complete document overview and online minutes of meeting

General Assemblies

secure digitized voting

  • Identity verification
  • Digital securities register
  • Video communication & Tamper-proof voting results
  • Real-time logging and document access


BoD / General Meetings

digital decision making

  • Secure embedded video conferencing
  • End-to-end encryption of data
  • Document annotations
  • Delegate and track tasks

Team Meetings

efficiant collaboration

  • Tasklist Management
  • Chats and Workgroup tools
  • Define roles and access rights
  • integrated communication tools